MySpace, The Euro Trip

In the words of Yogi Berra, its like deja vu all over again.
Every weekend I wake up, make myself a nice cup of coffee, pour it in my lovely Apple coffee mug, and turn on the computer. Only to find the same stories, different publications. You Tube not getting premium advertisers because of the content issues is a recurring theme. We mentioned this problem about 300 cups of coffee ago.
Or the latest piece in NYT on MySpace, its advertising challenges and the future of community. It seems like one big mash-up of three of our old pieces here, here and here. The only interesting bit in the Times story is the planned expansion to Europe.

With the News Corporation’s help, he is opening an office in London to coordinate MySpace’s expansion in Europe. He is cutting deals to let members connect to MySpace over cellphones.

Is that a realization that the growth in the US is going to peter out? If yes, then they are smart to think about the day when the network meets its outer-limit. How successful will MySpace be in Europe? That is an interesting question to ponder about!