Fox Buys Newroo, kSolo

Ross Levinsohn, made a big splash a few months ago when he announced at an Under The Radar event that he had bought someone in the room. The news zipped across the Silicon Valley right on to my Power Book, just when the Business 2.0 Next Net panel got underway. In subsequent weeks everyone speculated, but now the news is final.
FIM has officially announced that it bought Newroo, and, which is sort of like an online karaoke service. I had heard about the kSolo deal, but could not nail down the specifics. Oh well….here it is. Mike has blogged the full press release. The deals are small – very small. (Nevertheless, FIM is being pretty active these days – Simply Hired investment, and now these deals.. will there be more to follow?)
Newroo is like a meme-tracker for everything and I got the demo from Dan Gould, and was suitably impressed. Levinsohn was impressed enough to spend a few million on the company which never got a chance to come out of stealth. I saw some prototypes build by Gould & Co, that would go well with the celebrity crazy MySpace crowd.