Yahoo Tech Not Really A Threat to CNet

There is this meme spreading around the web that Yahoo’s newly launched technology site is a big threat to C/Net and its properties. It is getting a lot of press – WSJ and NYT are all dutifully reporting what Yahoo is preaching. I checked out the site and even a cursory glance is enough that C/Net has nothing to worry …. yet.
Yahoo’s site is shiny and pretty, and has cool graphics, and yet, I somehow get the feeling that it resembles one big advertorial. It is a typical Yahoo play – aggregate content from other sources, (including some of their own) mash-it-up together. The result might be appealing for the mass market users looking for basic content, but it does lack the depth of C/Net content. The end-users might be quite different for the two sites.

Patrick Houston, the general manager of Yahoo Tech, said there was “a big, big opportunity for a site that is built especially for people who have neither the time nor the inclination to understand technology at the bit-and-byte level.”

Given that it is Yahoo, the new temple of everything social, Yahoo Tech is also going to allow people to create instant social networks around their tech devices and gadgets. Which is kinda contrary to Houston’s statement above. If they don’t have the time or the inclination to understand the technology, then do they really have the time to socially network with fellow gizmo freaks?