FiOS & First Quarter Broadband Scorecard

(updated with TW & Q data) The big broadband providers ( Cox and Cablevision are yet to report) have added close to 2.44 million broadband subscribers in first quarter of 2006. That works out to approx. 25.4% of the 9.63 million who signed up for broadband in entire 2005.

* Verizon added 541,000 broadband subscribers bringing their total to 5.7 million. UBS says about 100,000 were FiOS customers.
* BellSouth added a record 263,000 DSL net adds in the first quarter bringing the total to 3.1 million total customers
* AT&T added 511,000 new DSL users and now has 7.432 million broadband subscribers.
* Qwest added 198,000 high-speed Internet lines in the first quarter and has total 1.7 million subscribers.
* Comcast added 437,000 broadband subscribers, to take their total to 9 million subscribers.
* Charter added 126,000 subscribers to bring the total to 2.322 million.
* Time Warner which just announced its 1Q earnings, added 346,000 net new residential high-speed customers during the quarter now has 5.17 million broadband subscribers.