More MuniFi Woes?

It was only a couple of days back we heard that there were some problems with the coverage in St. Cloud, Florida. And now comes word that Google’s Mountain View Network might need more access points in order to get decent coverage. And that might mean delays from the proposed launch date of June 2006. (Google is being optimistic that it will meet the self-imposed deadline.)

Google’s begun testing the network and, in so doing, has discovered it might need to add more Wi-Fi transmitters than originally thought to deliver the coverage and service quality it promised, according to Ellis Burns, the city’s economic development manager.

Now the other day I was talking to Dewayne Hendricks who is helping build a county-wide wifi network, (not a town or city wide network) in New Mexico using off the shelf components and white label gear. He is having no problems whatsoever, and well, most of these networks are seeing re-configuration, to put it politely.

Maybe its just me, but maybe it has something to do with network planning and the gear which is resulting in dead spots, and spotty coverage. Esme thinks so too, and has a cheat sheet of what to do and what not to do when it comes to MuniFi.