S-DMB, Hope Turns Into Despair After A Year

TU Media — the satellite DMB mobile TV provider in South Korea — reached 540,000 users at the end of April, which is a full year since it launched. The figure is a lot less than the company originally hoped, and it now has competition from a terrestrial DMB service, which is offered free.
There’s some interesting stats from the first year of usage — subscribers use the service for about 60 minutes each day, with 74% of the usage being video and 26% being audio. The vast majority (95%) of people subscribing to the service simultaneously subscribed for a mobile phone account, with 5% going for the in-vehicle or DMB-exclusive option. This type of service is likely to be something that people will get when they upgrade their handset (if they get it)…although I don’t know what the upgrade cycle is in South Korea. 65% of the subscribers are men. “By age, 8% are between the ages of 10 to 19, 36% are in their twenties, 27% in their thirties and 29% are in their forties and over. Accordingly, the majority or 63% are in their twenties and thirties. By region, 60% of users are living in Seoul and the metropolitan area and 40% are from other regions.”