TiVo, A Platform, Some Mp3Tunes Too

TiVo is turning into a platform – for outside services. The company yesterday announced a deal with BrightCove to bring the Internet-based content into your TiVo and playing it back on the big screen. That is interesting and most importantly, critical, development for anyone who has Internet Video ambitions.

Michael Robertson, the founder of MP3.com, and a whole lotta products/projects emailed me to say that his team at MP3Tunes, a digital music service, is working on ways to get your music on to TiVo. On his blog, he writes, “If you have a TiVo, you can use it to play high-quality digital music through your home entertainment system, which is what I’ve done with my own music library. I now have my song collection at my second home without the hassle of moving or updating music files – I just turn on my TV.” In other words, you can stream the music from your digital locker at MP3Tunes straight to your TiVo and pipe it through your home stereo system.

With the deals TiVo has crafted with Yahoo and C/Net, I think TiVo might be onto something. If they got extremely aggressive about their developer program and bring in more third parties into their ecosystem, they could survive the curse of DVR commoditization.