A Google Reality Check

At the recent Google Press Day, I was intrigued by the continuous chanting of the “focus on search” and back to the basics of 70% mantra by the senior Google executives. I wondered to myself, well perhaps, a little fear of the big brother up north is making them circle the wagons a little.

Of course there was that fleeting thought that some of the newer offerings weren’t really sticking to the wall. I dismissed those, only because I did not have the data. Anyway a recent analysis Hitwise, confirms some of my suspicions. Others might disagree, and they might be right in their conclusions.

Their data analysis shows that beyond the core search platform, only Google Image Search and Google Mail, are the two off shoots with a meaningful share of their market – 9.54% and 5.51% respectively (I duly note that there is no mention of Blogger.com, and also the fact that Google Calendar, and Google Finance have only been in existence for a very short period of time.)

Google Finance currently ranks 39th in the Business & Finance – Business Information category, with 0.29% market share of visits to the category, Yahoo! Finance in contrast, ranks #1 in the same category with 35.6% of market share….. vertical sites not withstanding, the collection of Google properties continue to grow, in total, accounting for 4.3% of all Internet visits for the week ending 5/13/2006.

Your thoughts, as always are welcome!