More reader tech info requested

Jk_icon_small_4Recently I asked you to tell us what you carry in your gadget bag every day and I’d like to thank everyone who responded.  It is always interesting for me to see what other people consider part of their vital mobile arsenal and the answers you gave were very enlightening.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised to see that a little audio player called the iPod was part of nearly every respondents kit, especially the iPod video.

Now I’d like to find out some other information from you.  You can answer as detailed or as briefly as you like to the following questions:

  1. What device and software do you use to read eBooks?
  2. If you could swap any one item in your mobile kit what would you drop and what would you replace it with?
  3. What is the most important feature of mobile devices for you- battery life or performance?
  4. Do you use any form of 3G connectivity (EDGE, EVDO, HSDPA, etc.) with your main mobile device?  If so, which one? (OK, that’s really two questions)
  5. Do you carry a power adapter for your main mobile device every day?
  6. Which device currently available (or that will be soon) do you intend to purchase?
  7. Do you have a mount installed in your car for a mobile device? (serious geek indicator)
  8. Do you use GPS on any of your devices and if so what hardware and software do you use?
  9. Do you get most of your news online, via newspaper, TV, or radio?
  10. If you listen to podcasts (doesn’t everyone?) what device do you use to listen to them?
  11. Do you ever listen to podcasts on your cell phone?

It will be very useful to see how everyone answers these questions and I think we can all take something away from this.  I am going to start off by putting my answers in the comments shortly and maybe we can persuade Kevin to answer them too.