Where’s the Vista Capable sticker for the Q1?

Vista_advisor_3 Can you run Vista on a Samsung Q1? I haven’t had time to install it yet, so I downloaded and ran the Microsoft Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor beta application. Considering that the Q1 has an Intel Celeron 900 MHz ULV processor, 512 MB of RAM, a 40 GB drive and integrated Intel 915 graphics chipset, I expect it to run Vista, although not with the Aero Glass and Media Center features. Sure enough, the Q1 passes the test according to the advisory software.

The only expected warnings was the suggested upgrade to a WDDM graphics driver, which according to the Advisor: "Your current graphics card does not support this." I won’t know for sure how well Vista works on the Q1 until I actually install it, but the "core experiences" look promising.

By the way, I used the Tablet Snipping tool to capture the fullscreen results from the Q1’s native resolution of 800 x 480 to give you an idea of the screen res and clarity at the native setting. Click the pic to get a feel for the native screen res.