Terror Raid Mobile Footage Sparks TV Bidding Battle (reg required)

In further proof of the emergence of citizen journalism — or more specifically, citizens understanding that their content could be worth something — a bidding war broke out among TV broadcasters in the UK over mobile phone video footage of an anti-terrorist raid in London’s Forest Gate. “ITV News secured the exclusive rights to a member of the public’s footage for a “substantial amount of money” and broadcast the 20-second clip on the lunchtime news.”
ITV declined to reveal how much they had paid for the footage, but editor Deborah Turness described the stations reasoning. “Everyone gets the aerial pictures, the shots of the police and the aftermath, but the premium is now on pictures of the event actually happening,” said Ms Turness. “Somebody, somewhere has got the pictures and the race is now on to get them. If you don’t, you lose out to the competition.”