Is MLB striking out on placeshifting content?

Slingbox_1Major League Baseball is trying bat Sling Media around according to CNET. The claim is that viewing content on multiple devices should require paying for that content multiple times. Sling Media’s Slingbox allows you place-shift television content from your TV to any single computing device, which gives consumers the ability to watch their content from wherever they are; i.e. on whatever device they’re at.

Art Brodsky from an Internet-watchdog group asks, "What difference does it make to MLB whether I’m watching the game at home or someplace else?" he asked. "We’re talking about content that’s been paid for. Nobody has stolen anything."

Here’s my analogy question since the MLB feels that I should pay again if I watch their content from a different location: if I pay $50 for seat 3 in aisle GG at a stadium but then move over to empty seat 2 for a better view of the game, should I pay another $50? Maybe not the best analogy, but….

Place-shifting is concept that will only gain momentum over time; it would be wise for content providers to find ways to embrace it, not condemn it. I’m sure we’ve got some of you "place-shifters" out there, so care to share a thought? If you have two thoughts, we won’t charge you twice. 😉