DSL, Second Rate Internet

Dave Burstein, who writes the very influential DSL Prime e-mail newsletter, and one of the earliest champions of DSL and Broadband has some interesting observations to make about the future of DSL.

His words, not mine: “ADSL is so last century. Today, it’s fiber home or fiber + VDSL at 50 meg or more. Japan is the first country to see a major drop in DSL as 5 million switch to fiber.” Now that is telling, because the man makes a living tracking this industry, so he knows the clock is ticking. He says that Comcast head honcho Brian Roberts is betting that the cable giant will go “50 meg down, 15 meg up pre-DOCSIS 3.0…in selected markets” by 2007. (Cablevision already is offering those kind of speeds.)

Meanwhile, Australia, Canada, and more than half of the U.S. are likely to spend the next decade with a second-rate Internet, 60% to 90% slower than leading countries.