Fon Selling WiFi Routers for $32

Want to buy a WiFi router and save some money? Fon, a Madrid-based WiFi services company started by Martin Varsavsky and funded by Sequoia, Skype and Google, is selling WiFi routers for 25 Euros, which works out to about $30.

For a while, they were selling them for $4 a pop. Still, $32 is a pretty good price for a 802.11 b/g devices. Average price of this router in the US is around $55. The catch is that if you buy one of these devices, you become part of the Fon Network.

A surcharge of €/$ 25 willll be applied to all routers that are not registered with FON within one month of their purchase). We will notify you 15 days in advance of the said surcharge.

Well, you could buy the router, register, and then reflash the device 😉