SoonR’s Big Day

Remember SoonR, the company that has come-up with ways to access your desktop from your mobile phone?

Well, June 21 is turning out to be a big day for them. They have just launched their Mac client (beta of course,) which means they are going to get some good visibility in the geek circles. The program leverages the awesome “Spotlight” feature of Mac OS-X.

But that’s trivial news, compared to this other bit of information.

SoonR has signed a deal with Tata Indicom, one of the largest and fastest growing telecom operators in India. The company also owns a CDMA-based mobile network. Given that India, with about 100 million mobile subscribers, is one of the fastest growing mobile markets, this simply will result in a sharp uptick in the number of users of this service.

PS: Apparently, Tata Indicom/VSNL folks had read about SoonR here on GigaOM. That’s pretty cool.