P2P VoIP just got more attractive: FCC taxing VoIP over public networks

Voip_tax I know that "free" means something can’t get cheaper, but Skype, Gizmo Project and other P2P VoIP services just got relatively less expensive. The FCC voted unanimously to tax VoIP services that use public telephone networks for their traffic. If you’re a customer of Vonage, CallVantage, BroadVoice, Packet8 or any of the other VoIP providers using public networks, you can expect a small monthly charge on your bill coming soon. All "donations" go to the Universal Service Fund to help subsidize rural and low-income are phone services.

If P2P VoIP is so much cheaper and more efficient than public network VoIP, whaddya say we subsidize and get some of those Linksys, Netgear and D-Link VoIP phones to those rural areas? Granted, they need hotspots or other Internet access, but aren’t we supposed to be crossing the Digital Divide? See…it pays to be mobile…. 😉