The Gadgeteer reviews the Sony UX50 Micro PC

Sony_ux50I am having a lot of fun playing with the Sony UX50 and will have a review covering the UX50 in use in the real world soon.  Meanwhile, you can get a good picture of the new Sony by checking out Julie’s review on The Gadgeteer.  She didn’t have much time with the Sony which is a shame because in my experience you don’t really see the full impact of having a handheld computer until you use it in your everyday work for a while.  The review is very good even so and points out the ins and outs of the Sony in typical Gadgeteer style.

With all that said, I still think the UX50 would make a great travel companion for someone that doesn’t want to lug a full-sized laptop with them on a trip. Using this device for picture offloading, websurfing and emailing would be perfect. Hardcore photoshop work, spreadsheet work, powerpoint presentation creations, etc, might present a problem. Unless you have bionic eyes or something ;o) I don’t want to be too hard on Sony, because they seem to be the one of the few companies that continue to push the envelope and bring innovative feature rich products to the market for us consumers to drool over.

The review mentions the lack of the Tablet OS being a big drawback and while I agree with that statement she should have tried ritePen, which is bundled on the Sony.  I have always found the ability to write anywhere on a small screen like the UX50 to be particularly useful.