The 100 Megabit FIOS Router… Why?

I am often amazed at folks who buy fancy scream machines such as Ferrari and continue to live in cities such as London, or Bombay where driving at over 25 miles an hour is a challenge. I can understand the desire to own something that sleek, expensive and fast. But you certainly almost never get a chance to live the speed.

I feel the same way about the much ballyhooed Verizon FiOS router which can shunt data at 100 megabits per second. After all VZ is still selling speeds of 15-to-30 megabits to a small number of its customers. The 100 MB/s connections are a myth, and will remain so, at least for near foreseeable future.

Of course you have a need for speed, you could always opt for many of the current options – Netgear, Linksys and Ruckus Wireless all have something to offer. Previously, Robert Young had pointed out that the bandwidth demand inside the home is going to explode, and the WAN access will have no bearing on it. (My article from Business 2.0 on this very topic is here!)