Audio Interview: Endemol Plans For Tailor-Made, User-Created Content

Endemol UK, one of the biggest TV production firms worldwide, has recently set up a 15 million GBP (about $27 million) investment fund to develop gaming and gambling TV services and evolving platforms including mobile, IPTV and VOD. Our European contributor Peggy Anne Salz spoke to Peter Cowley, Endemol UK’s Director of Digital Media, to discuss the group’s growth plans and transition to multi-platform entertainment.
[by Peggy Anne Salz] Give users what they want? The advance of user-created content and the rise of the empowered consumer turn up the pressure on production companies to deliver more interactive mobile content that involves users and encourages their participation.
Endemol can read the writing on the wall – which is why it is currently producing a mobile interactive reality show exclusive to UK mobile operator O2 and creating stand-alone content for the gaming industry through its newly-launched Endemol Gaming division. Last week Endemol UK set up a