e319: the mega-in-car-nav system you don’t need


I’m not certain on the price, but I’d say the size and crammed components have to put it in "more than you think" category. The E319 is the Swiss Army equivalent of a GPS navigation system for your vehicle. Yup, you can navigate around the town with it and you can navigate on the device itself via the 800 x 480 touch screen. I’ll bet you expected me to say it’s a 7-inch screen, but I’m going to shortchange you a bit because it’s only 6.5-inches. Aside from the core competency, it has a 20 GB drive, a GSM/GPRS for cellular voice and data connections, a 400 MHz CPU, and hey look: even an terrestrial radio for AM & FM! When you’re not surfing and driving around, you can always watch a DVD. Remember, I said when you’re NOT driving around….

(via Gizmodo)