FIM Revenues – $500 million in 2007

A couple of days ago, a post by Robert Young prompted many to point out that MySpace was not that big a revenue opportunity.

It is hard to break down the numbers – analysts estimate about $200 million in the current fiscal year – but for the current year, Fox Interactive is going to bring in about $350 million in calendar 2006. The sales are expected to jump to $500 million or so in fiscal 2007 (ending July 31, 2007.) Rupert Murdoch was talking to investors about the Internet business and revenue opportunities in Sydney, Australia. (Also, The Sly Fox)

MySpace is also launching in Japan in partnership with Softbank. The 50:50 joint venture is expected to launch sometime in September 2006. (Remember back in the day, Softbank and Yahoo had a special thing going. Maybe this is a new special thing in the making?