The Khosla Report Card

Back when the old school Red Herring was around, I got a chance to spend a lot of time with then KPCB general partner Vinod Khosla, and wrote a profile on him for the magazine. The headline went something like – The Number One VC On The Planet.

Those were the halcyon days of the Internet and telecom, and he was the hot hand in the Valley. I have not had a chance to catch up with him as much, but this post by Paul Kedrosky got me thinking about him. (Of course, there are those rumors about a pending IPO at Infinera, one of Khosla’s bets.)

Paul makes a good point on how seed rounds – small seed rounds – are the ones that bring in the best results. Juniper was one of Vinod’s seed deals. I wish I could dig up my notes from those conversations – I remember him talking at length about how he (Khosla) loved getting involved with nascent ideas.

Forgive me, for its been nearly six years since I wrote that piece, and age has erased some of the memories. I wish I could find an online link to that story – it is now locked up behind the RH v2.0 firewall somewhere. John Heilemann did a nice profile of Vinod for Business 2.0 where you can get a good update on Khosla and his new fund.