A Brand New Day

Its been a little over three weeks since the plans of my little start-up project leaked out. Since then I have spent a nice ten odd days in London, reporting a story for Business 2.0, learnt how to make a Google Map Mash-Up, read through reams of legal documentation, and well, learnt to live with a constant knot in my stomach.

July 5th, a Brand New Day – a day when I start working on GigaOM on a 24/7 time cycle.

It is exciting, yet scary! A dear friend of mine, an entrepreneur for life, if there was one, offered me one bit of advice: learn to live with that knot in your stomach. It is your reality check. On the flip-side, a sartorially correct friend of mine sent a note saying, “welcome to the argyle sweaters and sock-less lifestyle.” Perhaps, if only I can let go of my affection for formal shirts.

A lot of you have either send personal notes, or expressed words of confidence in person. That means a lot, thanks! My friends at True Ventures have helped me plough through the details that can bog down a first time entrepreneur. It is because of them, that the to-do-list is 3/4th done. My editors at Business 2.0 have been generous enough to help me ease out of my old duties into a new life. They have given me enough time to kick off my new column for the magazine. But more than that – my parents, like all parents have not asked me once, “Why son, would you trade a nice job for life of uncertainty?” And somewhere I have to say thanks to guys from Federated Media, who are working hard on our behalf.

Before I go any further, let me introduce you to Katie Fehrenbacher, who has teamed up with me and is going to help shape the coverage here at GigaOM. She joins us from Red Herring (V2.0) where she was a reporter tracking telecom and wireless industries. She was also one of the founding editors at Engadget.

I had been impressed by her work, and when the opportunity rose to bring on board a full time writer, she was the first person I called. She accepted and what a break! Katie is a dogged reporter and a prolific blogger. (She is so diligent, that she has already filed about half-a-dozen stories, including some short posts even before we got going.) I hope you will join me in welcoming her to the team.

So what does this mean for you? Simply put more stuff on a daily basis. You should expect more mini-length features, and blog posts with an increased frequency. Perhaps, give you all a reason to come back more often to site. We promise to keep your RSS reader busy :-). Don’t worry – just because its more, doesn’t mean its going to be that different. (We will roll out some design changes, but don’t worry – they won’t be that radical. See that little box on the right – its just to identify some of our tops stories, worth your time. And oh, we added a better way for you to identify who is the writer of a particular post/story.)

What will the new GigaOM be about – you might be wondering! From telecom, broadband, optics, VoIP, Start-ups, Wireless, Wireless Broadband and the Next Net – all things that are helping evolve the world we generically call technology. The common thread, however will always remain: broadband – not the pipes, but the platform. It is how some of the smartest minds in Silicon Valley are thinking (download PPT), and this is a thread we hope to follow.

Along the way there will be some new features, new tools and new directions. Why? Vinod Khosla recently said: “The right way to build a company is to experiment in lots of small ways, so that you have plenty of room to make mistakes and change strategies.”

Some of those experiments will work, some of it won’t. I know you will let me know. Please do, for without your constant guidance, it is not going to be as much fun.

Let a brand new day begin!

PS: My friends in PR: keep those news releases coming, except send them to p r @ g i g a o m d o t c o m

Photo by Thomas Hawk via Flickr. Thanks Buddy – I could not start the new day without an awesome TH shot!