Motley Fool: ETL Data Warehousing, Alexandria, VA

ETL Architect
(Warehousin’ Shaman)
The Motley Fool, Inc.
Job Summary:
The Motley Fool has formed a new group to help guide the company through the dark swamps of data – The Data Shamans. This small, experienced group of data geeks works with the business to create useful, intelligible reports from vast amounts of data. We are looking for a new shaman – The Warehousin’ Shaman. This particular shaman will be responsible for building out our data warehouse.
What Specifically Will I Be Doing?
The Warehousin’ Shaman in particular has these responsibilities: Using Microsoft SQL Integration Services to create and manage processes to load our ever-growing data warehouse. Create processes for alerting us when loads fail or the data is suspect. Manage our development and testing environments. Exploring and researching new OLAP, ETL and reporting tools.
Core Competencies:
* Mastery of SQL
* Demonstrated experience in building and maintaining dimensional data marts, including
o Creation of customer, time, product and other dimensions
o Implementation of OLAP cubes, MS platform preferred
o Providing an access tier to non-OLAP data
* Minimum 4 years of hands on database use using MSSQL
* Proficient in SSIS ETL technology
* Experience managing and maintaining meta-data, i.e.:
o Logging success, failure and progress of data loading jobs
o Cataloging definitions, calculations and origins of data
* Demonstrated experience with managing data mart projects
* Experience working with large customer database (>1MM customers)
Preferred Qualities:
* Conscientious, organized and approachable
* Ability to work as part of a team
* Ability to be productive with little oversight
* Omniscience and clairvoyance a plus
Foolish Qualities:
* Uncompromising Honesty
* Ability to search relentlessly for better solutions
* Must be optimistic and have a strong sense of humor
* Should handle constructive feedback well
* Familiarity with The Motley Fool’s mission and our web site and/or books and/or radio show or newspaper column is a MAJOR plus!
Education and Job Knowledge:
Bachelors degree plus 4-5 years of related work experience desired.
This job description reflects management’s assignment of essential functions, it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.
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