LiveJournal Goes XMPP-Jabber

Niall Kennedy points out that Live Journal is going to add XMPP and Jabber support to its community. Users can log into the Jabber chat client using their Live Journal usernames and passwords. There are plans to federate with Google Talk as well. Jabber/XMPP works over many popular clients such as iChat, Adium, Trillian, Gaim.

I think this deal is going to have a much bigger impact on Jabber/XMPP compared to preceding deals. There are 10 million LJ users and it is a vibrant community. Given the highly-social nature of LJ community, I expect rapid adoption. I wonder if there are any plans to add voice-to-the-mix? Wonder if this would work with Gizmo Project? (Michael Robertson, speak to us!)

Longer term, I wonder if this could become a major trend. Small, highly customized IM networks, federating with each other, and breaking the stranglehold of the big three IM networks. Thoughts?

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