Kids Keen On Mobile TV

More research on the demand for mobile TV — this one specifies 10-12 year olds and is pretty positive. UK market research company Quaestor found that “87% of children would like to watch TV on their mobile, and 91% would watch mobile TV while travelling…Content preference varied among the sexes, with girls favouring soaps and boys preferring sports, although entertainment channels such as E4, which features shows such as ‘Lost’ and ‘Hollyoaks’, were popular across the board. Some 72% of children said they would watch cartoons on their phone, ahead of 62% who would watch music videos.” It’s not clear who the research was done for, or why.
Mobile TV is not expected by Quaestor to replace TV viewing but rather supplement it by offering another channel, “just as listening to music via mobiles has not replaced MP3 players”.