Wired Buys Wired (News)

CondeNast, the big media conglomerate is buying Wired News for about $25 million. In case you don’t remember, Lycos bought Wired News seven years ago as part of a $83 million acquisition of Wired Digital. The chronicler of digital lifestyles, Wired magazine has lacked an online presence it could truly call its own.

You know who is the happiest guy on the planet right now –Wired Editor in Chief Chris Anderson – not because his book The Long Tail is getting rave reviews but because he can finally have a control on his web-destiny. I bet he is gleefully rubbing his hands and wondering if he could say, buy uberblog Boing Boing, Gawker Media and what not. (Okay that is just idle gossip on my part!)

Is this the beginning of a renewed focus on the online content space from a company more known for its glossies and starring roles in hit movies, than web-presence. With its premium sales force, it is clear that Wired and CondeNast thinks it can inject a new life into Wired News. Steve Newhouse, chairman of the Advance.net web division of Advance Publications clearly thinks so. “…it comes at a time of exploding growth and creativity on the web.” Yup, guys the Eyeballs are back!