Q&A with Phillip Alvelda, MobiTV’s CEO

Phillip Alvelda, MobiTV’s CEO, is having a great day, and you could hear it in his voice. His mobile TV company just received a $70 million fund to grow the company.

Phillip discussed a few interesting moves with me, including a plan to push the company’s service on PC’s (it’s already available over WiFi), which will be announced in August. That service could possibly challenge place-shifting in the wireless domain. And with all those content deals, well maybe Qualcomm can step-up and buy them for some premium dollars!

Q. We heard a bit about the company’s plans to work on PCs, is part of the fund going toward this?

A. The WiFi deal with AT&T is commercial today, at the company’s some 20,000 hotspots. A bigger deal will be announced in August with PC products, but we’re not giving details on that right now. Our goal is not just to work over cell phones. The real issue is that there has been overwhelming demand for our product. When we look out, we see a huge greenfield.

Q. What are your mobile broadcast plans. You’re already testing DVB-H. What about MediaFLO and WiMAX? What else?

A. Our mantra from the early days is to be network technology agnostic. We have trials in the U.S., U.K., Europe with various technologies. WiMAX is really taking off. We are also guided by our partners and what they think will show a strong demand.

Q. What is your relationship with Qualcomm?

A. With Qualcomm we’ve been working on BREW for a long time. We’re like a gold or platinum BREW developer. We’ve had a great relationship on that front. MediaFLO is a different beast–they are taking a go-it-alone approach for that.

Q. A Qualcomm acquisition might make a nice exit and partnership for you guys?

A. Agreed, everyone would all love something like that. Though, this is obviously just speculation.