Pando’s Cool Outlook Plugin

Peer to Peer file sharing start-up, Pando Networks has developed a cool little plugin for Microsoft Outlook, that allows people to send large files right from within Outlook. It makes sharing big files such as Powerpoints, videos and large sized PDFs a breeze.

The best part is that you can attach files you normally would, and if it is up to a specific size, the file would be sent using the email. However, if the file is say bigger than specified 20 MB, then Pando will automatically offer to package them and insert a small .pando file in their place. The recipient(s) open your .pando attachment to start a direct P2P transfer of the large file(s) you attached. You can attach files as large as one gigabyte, and share them using Pando. The plugin is going to be available later, but you can sign-up for a beta right now.

Pando is part of a growing number of P2P start-ups that are developing ways to overcome the short comings of email’s ability to handle large sized files such as video clips. Other start-ups in this space include Hamachi, Perenety, Zapr, Peerfactor, and Wired Reach I have written about this personal P2P trend a few times, here, here and here.