Bollywood Coming Of Age, Yash Raj Films Announces Rate Card For Use Of Content

Bollywood is getting organised and corporatised. Yash Raj Films has announced a rate card for the use of its content. There are two categories: televised and non-televised programmes, and the rate card covers the event categories like live ground event (commercial), corporate in-house events/ non-commercial ground events (private), song based television programmes and television programmes / news channels. For instance, for television programmes/news channels, an audio clip of a song for three telecasts up to a minute duration would cost the channel Rs 5000, and Rs 10,000 for upto three minutes.
I think coming upfront on tariffs is a good sign for bollywood. Now it’s right time for serious investors to look at bollywood to put in their money.
By the way, if you are a Uday Chopra fan (!), check out his official website here!