SIPphone brings Voice to Nokia 770

SIPphone, the company behind Gizmo Project has released a new version of its client that works with Nokia 770 Internet tablet, giving users ability to IM and make phone calls using high speed Internet connections.

This is the second IM client now available for Nokia 770. Google Talk is the other IM that works with Nokia 770, which went through a major OS upgrade. The new version of Gizmo Project application was developed by Blue Digits a small start-up that also has released VM Rover, a virtual voice mail box application. Bluedigits is a full time contractor for SIPphone, so one should say, SIPphone developed this app!

Andy just called me from his Nokia 770 using Gizmo, and the call was absolutely clear. He was not even using a headset. Compared to Google Talk on Nokia 770, Gizmo is just miles ahead.