Makeover Time For Yahoo Finance

Yahoo did not have to indulge in a makeover of their popular Yahoo Finance site, but they anyway went ahead and did it. Google Finance hasn’t posed much of a challenge so far, but it is nice to see Yahoo get more proactive.

C/Net reports that the company is going to announce a new version of its site tomorrow, which will have enhanced interactive features including videos and charting widgets that users can embed in their own sites, such as blogs.

The new Yahoo Finance beta site features a full-screen application that allows users to add events like whether a company has had stock splits or dividends with one click, see competitor charts and click and drag to customize a chart’s time range, as well as type in specific dates.

It would be interesting to see what kind of counter move it elicits from not only Google, Microsoft and AOL, but from two other main finance sites, CNN Money and Marketwatch, both in desperate need of a major makeover.