Blogspot Blogs Blocked In India?

The Economic Times has an update on the government’s decision to block certain blogs in India. The Department of Telecommunications on Friday had sent a notice to all internet service providers in India to block around 17-18 websites on the internet. Interestingly none knows which are these sites.
This is apparently to prevent terrorists from communicating through blogs. ISPs have gone ahead and blocked all blogspot blogs and some Typepad ones. This is a ridiculous decision. I am not sure how the open, online journals like blogs can be used for terrorist purposes. That way any website can used, why only blogs? Can anyone infuse some sense into the administration? They need to lift the ban immediately.
Earlier post (17/07/06): None of the blogspot blogs is not accessible in India now. Is there anything wrong? Amit Agarwal of (his site is down too) says some ISPs have blocked the access to blogspot blogs.