Cablevision Has A Million VoIP Customers

If you are a San Francisco resident, then you are getting the Comcast phone service pitch, which is the latest in a series of assaults the cable companies have launched against the Bells. While Comcast has been late in joining the party, the two cable big boys, Time Warner and Cablevision have turned voice into a money maker.

TWC has zoomed past the million customer mark, and today Cablevision has announced that it too has joined the “million voiper club.” Cablevision claims that it has saved $500 million for those who use its service. I am not sure if I buy that, but hey its a press release.

This is not good news for Vonage, which now faces even tougher competition from the cable companies going forward. But it also means that the landline losses for phone companies will continue for sometime. As it so happens, Bells have been talking up IPTV and what not, but in reality have few customers to show for all that talk. CableCos, on the other hand are saying we got voice, and we selling it too…. in millions!

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