Tablet PC leases for all high school frosh at Chicago school

Students_tabletDe La Salle Institute in Chicago is the latest school to take up the Tablet PC in the classroom. Students will lease the tablets for $56 monthly over a 46 month period, so clearly, this school has their sights set on Tablet PC adoption for the full high-school experience. Each tablet will come preloaded with a few textbooks in PDF format, so I recommend the school spread the word about PDF Annotator.

Students aren’t the only tablet-adapters; De La Salle took up notebooks for all teachers about five years ago and today those teachers use Tablet PCs and projectors for class presentations. When I think back to my schooling, I remember sneaking in that old Mattel Electronics Handheld Football; it really didn’t help with my grades, but I can honestly say that I used mobile tech in school too. Good luck De La Salle students; be sure to check out the OnTheRun with Tablet PCs podcast for more great tablet tips!