Brighthand reviews the Blackberry 8700

Blackberry_8700Although it’s been available for a bit, Brighthand has a comprehensive review of the Blackberry 8700 conducted on the T-Mobile network. I was actually surprised by some of the negatives in the review; after all, as the grand-daddy of smart phones with keyboards, the Blackberry is touted as one of the most simple to use devices. Not so, says Brighthand: "After a few minutes of playing with the Blackberry, I was thoroughly bumfuzzled. I’ve always heard that these things are supposed to be simpler and easier to use than a full-scale handheld. But what I got didn’t seem all that simple. "

On paper, the device has solid specs and a decent keyboard, but if it’s difficult or not intuitive to use, folks just aren’t gonna use it. A lack of Bluetooth DUN capability is another downer as well as the oddly chosen font for messages. Sounds like a case of "funky font syndrome" to me. Having said that, it’s not all bad, but I’ll let you peruse the review for the nuggets o’ goodness.