twttr: presence and status via cell phone

Twttr You know what "presence" is in the tech world right? Loosely defined, it’s your status and if you use any type of IM or PC VoIP applications, you already use "presence". For example, on an IM client you can set your status to "Away", "Available", etc….right? Not that this is for everyone, but what if you wanted to do this on a non-PC platform? With twttr, a cell phone and a TXT messaging plan, you can.

twttr is brought to you by the Odeo folks and takes the presence concept to a much wider audience by bringing it right to the cell phone. The service is currently free and enables your status to be sent to your twttr contacts via TXT messaging. Using the service, you can keep an eye on your contacts by viewing their status or shoot them a message. Since you can create your own custom status, your presence can be virtually anything. If we were all twttr contacts, you’d see me right now as "Blogging while Slinging New Age music from Dish channel 977". Just watch those TXT charges folks!