The German MySpace: Lokalisten

MySpace plans to launch a site in Germany this summer, looking to move into one of the biggest Internet markets in Europe. But the company will face local entrenched players when it arrives. German users say that Lokalisten holds the title of the “MySpace of Germany” and has been bringing in an increasing amount of users. According to Nielsen Netratings the site had less than 150,000 unique users in the month of June, so that’s still a small market. But the German social network market is just starting to take off, and Lokalisten is one of the emerging leaders.

According to Alexa stats Lokalisten increased its reach by 115% over the past 3 months, with 22.9 page views per visit. If this Lokalisten blogspot site is to be believed, the site is bringing in up to 3,600 concurrent users at a time on an average afternoon, and is upgrading its server system to stay ahold of the traffic.

Nielsen Netratings sent us some data about German online community sites–which includes a broader list of social-oriented web sites than just social networks–and the market includes 15 million users. The top German community sites were Wer-weiss-was, Windows Live, Yahoo Geocities, and With so many German Internet users participating in “community sites,” it could be a pretty good indicator of how big German social networks sites could grow.

Like the growing popularity of social networks in the U.S. and the U.K., Germany will likely see an influx of new users and emerging start-ups looking to develop the relatively untapped market in the coming months. If you’re an avid Lokalisten user, or use other German social network sites, let us know!