’s Movie Service To Launched Mid-August; Subs + A La Carte’s movie service, which has been in the works for some time now, will launch mid-August, report AdAge. The service, called Amazon Digital Video — or Amazon “DV” — has evolved over the past year from a music-themed offering to a video-centric one, mainly because of competing services. It will have movies and TV shows, and will have subscription and la carte download (download to own plus burn) options. I put two and two together and figured out the URL where it will be housed (click on the pic on the right to see a screen shot), and it seems a key factor will be trying to push the video onto TV (judging from the URL tabs)
Also, the story says, ABC will be absent at launch..remember ABC is a big partner of iTunes, and that may be dictating some dynamics here.
Another thing: a software download will be required to view movies (well, mainly to install DRM in place, my guess).
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