MySpace Down Again

Update #2: MySpace is back online and whatever the issues were seem to have been fixed. MySpace spokesperson blamed the outage on power outages caused by unseasonably hot summer in Southern California.
A power outage seems to have hit the data center that hosts, the largest social network in the world. This is the second day in a row we have heard similar reports, though today we have managed to grab a screen shot. Ironically, the still shows an ad – at least the FIM has its priorities right.

But seriously, it is hard to believe that a service this large could just have one data center. Have they not heard of redundancy? I am pretty sure there is more to the story. One can only imagine how millions of MySpace users feel right now. Mashable has more information on this developing story.

Update: Jake says that MySpace is in the Equinix data center.

Mark Fletcher explains the technical issues involving MySpace and other social networks, and why MySpace could be in one datacenter.