More Troubles At MySpace

Since this morning, we have been noticing increased comment activity on our previous post about MySpace outage. It seems a lot of people are having trouble with the service, and accounts are being deleted. I would have ignored this trend for a wee bit longer, but Mashable is finding similar comments, so this is a bigger problem. The story has been dugg already!

It has been a hard couple of weeks for the largest social networking site in the world. Soaring temperatures caused power outages in the greater Los Angeles area, knocking out the power in one of the hosting centers that house MySpace. It was not the Equinix data center, but instead the InterNAP data center that went out. Fox Interactive President Ross Levinsohn says the company is working hard to beef up its infrastructure, and adding redundancy.

Frankly, it is a big surprise that the service hasn’t had a hiccup before, though it has had its share of non-tech problems. According to Hitwise, has achieved a 3814% increase in visits over two years (comparing the market share of visits for the week ending July 22, 2006 versus the week ending July 24, 2004) and 140% increase in visits since the same time last year (week ending July 23, 2005.) Hitwise estimates that MySpace accounts for about 81.24% of the total social networking market.