NetGear SkipJam(s), Delays SkypePhone

Netgear more known for its wireless routers and switches seems to be getting pretty serious about the digital home. They just bought SkipJam, a six year old software start-up based in Port Chester, NY for $9 million in cash. That got them five engineers. SkipJam had come up with a product called iMedia, that network enabled most A/V components, without requiring a PC. It could connect to PC and access digital content, but it is more of a A/V type product.

And now for the bad news! Remember that Skype phone, that got everyone so hot and heavy – well that has been delayed. “The Skype phone which has seen numerous delays has been pushed out again and because of the delays, NETGEAR has now lost its exclusive partnership with Skype,” writes Mark Sue, analyst with RBC Capital Markets in a note to his clients.