Philly WiFi Chief To Quit

Dianah Neff, the technology czar and champion of Wireless Philadelphia is going to leave her job, and return to the private sector, according to The Philadelphia Inquirer. The Philadelphia daily quotes four unnamed city government sources. Neff’s deputy, Terry Phillis is being wooed to take over the job.

“I have to say that without a doubt this project would not have made it to this point without her,” says Craig Settles, who is writing a book about Wireless Philadelphia., titled, Fighting the Good Fight for Municipal Wireless. “She had the vision plus the ability to get scores of people to believe in this vision.”

Neff, 57, is a viewed as one of the foremost authorities on Municipal Wireless Networks, and is likely to find a long list of suitors for her talents. There is a dearth of MuniFi experts. “She is a rockstar in the municipal wireless world,” says Settles. Among those who could be interested in Neff would include consulting firms, large corporations such as Earthlink and Google, and even cable operators who have wireless plans.

Those in the know say that the project is way beyond its teething problems and is on its way to become a showcase for MuniFi movement. More information as it becomes available.