Zune This November with VoIP

Microsoft Zune rumors continue to swirl. Engadget is reporting that Microsoft’s “seamless music experience” device/service, Zune will launch on November 14, presumably with much fanfare. Engadget says that the device is going to have a 30 GB storage device and will have a FM Tuner along with Wi-Fi.

But the big news according to VoIP Lowdown is that it will have some sort of VoIP functionality built into the device. Given that it has wireless connectivity, and Microsoft is talking up presence features in the device, VoIP functionality does make sense. Microsoft has made a strong push in the VoIP space with its Instant Messaging and LCS platforms.

It would make perfect sense to extend that capability into their Zune platform, much like Voice features on XBox and XBox Live. It would fit in with the strategy outlined by Ray Ozzie at the recent Financial Analyst Day hosted by the Redmond-based software giant.