iTunes In Big Euro-Giveaway Deal With Coke; Indie Push

Lotsa nuances to this deal: Apple has traditionally tied up with Pepsi in U.S., and on Coca Cola side, it recently closed down its doomed European music service MyCokeMusic. So looks like both had a change of heart: Coca-Cola will now promote iTunes digital music service on its website in Europe, and give away millions of free music downloads on its drinks in the UK and Germany, and later Austria and Switzerland. Apple declined to say whether its deal with Coke could be extended to the US and elsewhere or whether it precluded further promotions with Pepsi.
Also, Coke last week launched new service/site that allows people to submit user-gen videos and pics.
Reuters: In Britain, Coke will distribute 70 million song codes inside packs of Coca-Cola and Diet Coke that can be redeemed at the iTunes. In Germany Coke will give away some 67,000 iTunes songs and 1,500 iPod portable music players, and other European promotions will follow in the coming months.
ArsTechnica: This iTunes deal follows in close suit with Apple’s recent partnerships with Facebook, Nike, and even The Gap in order to promote iTunes content…What could be next after this? MySpace? McDonald’s?
News Release: Unsigned artists will have a venue to upload songs, giving them potential for exposure on the site, European podcasts available on iTunes, and invitations to play at Coke sponsored European festivals.