Time Warner: The Frankenstein of Online Video

Time Warner’s new found love for online video is a laudable attempt by the media giant to cash in on the hot new thing. But scratch the surface, and you find an online video equivalent of Frankenstein. Each division doing its own thing, with its own partner. And this is all within this week. Here is a quick rundown:

1. CNN, (that belongs to Time Warner), is working with Blip.TV, which has licensed its software to CNN for getting video news submissions from amateurs.
2. AOL has a deal and an investment in Brightcove.
3. AOL has its own internal video efforts. Remember they also bought Truveo, which I guess is part of the new video search service, which allows them to sell videos including content from competitors. AOL also has UnCut video which is like CNN Exchange.
4. Turner, a division of Time Warner, has invested in Revver.
5. Time Warner has also invested in Veoh.
6. Sports Illustrated, a magazine owned by Time Inc., the one that puts Time in the TW is working with Yahoo to do a video thing.

Now if that isn’t a bumbling strategy then what is! Why isn’t CNN using Brightcove? Or for that matter some version of UnCut Video. Why isn’t SI working with AOL. What the hell is the strategy here? When will they start selling The Sopranos and Entourage and all other HBO goodness? Okay, time to stop, and let you join in!

PS: Anyone willing to make a graphic of the frankenstein that is Time Warner’ online video strategy.
Disclosure: I am a former Time Warner employee, and currently write a column for Business 2.0, a magazine that is part of Time Inc., a division of Time Warner.