YouTube Vs MySpace

YouTube hype machine is cranking at a zillion RPMs a minute. A profitless IPO, a billion dollar sale to one of these half a dozen companies, lawsuits, illegal content and how it helped them become what they are. The latest is this concept floated by The Guardian that it is bigger than MySpace.

The video sharing site has taken a 3.9% share of global internet visits a day compared with 3.35% for MySpace, according to internet analysis company Alexa.

However, the data from Hitwise is the quite different from Alexa data used by The Guardian. For the week ending July 29, 2006 received 4.73% market share of visits versus the .23% market share of visits for

For the week ending July 29, 2006, MySpace was ranked #1 based on market share of visits (please note Hitwise breaks out domains of larger properties) while YouTube was ranked #29. (According to Hitwise data based on market share of visits, MySpace was ranked 6th for the week ending July 30, 2005 while YouTube was ranked 80,628.)