Mossberg: Chocolate Isn’t It

Wal Mossberg does a review of the Chocolate phone from LG, and launched in U.S. by Verizon, mainly as a music phone. And the review ain’t pretty: “While the Chocolate may look like an iPod, however, it doesn’t work like one. In fact, as a music player, it functions like an iPod designed by a committee. It’s burdened by a ham-handed user interface and other failings that would get its designers fired at Apple. As a result, the Chocolate, which I’ve been testing for a week or so, isn’t as good a music phone as, say, the Sony Ericsson Walkman phone…In fact, the Chocolate’s multimedia features are really designed mainly to encourage users to buy songs, pictures and videos from Verizon’s online download and streaming services — VCast and Get It Now — not to let you use your own content. The phone works much better with $2 songs you buy from VCast (twice what Apple charges) than with free songs you load onto it…I do believe that, someday, the merger of the cellphone and the music player will result in a great device for consumers. But the Chocolate isn’t it.”