Napster’s First Mobile Rollout With Suncom Next Week; Ties With DoCoMo For Napster To Go

So it said in its Q2 earnings announcement today (full earnings here)…Napster said Napster Mobile will launch in the Southeast U.S. on SunCom Wireless next week, with over-the-air downloads to handsets and dual delivery to PCs. The company says the launch will be supported by “an extensive marketing campaign” highlighting Napster’s “largest in the world” mobile music catalog (will launch with 2 million songs). The company hopes to announce “new top-tier” partners by year’s end.
From the conference call, where Napster discussed mobile initiatives in a lot og detail (really, read the transcript here): On Suncom: Some of our to-be-launched products will include literally the Napster logo on the handset display, where it is the only default on the phone.
Also, Napster Mobile is tying up with NTT DoCoMo in Japan: “Our alliance with DoCoMo is the result of their recent controlling investment in Napster’s Japanese joint venture partner, Tower Records Japan. Napster Japan is on track to launch this Fall starting with a PC-based service. You should note that DoCoMo has publicly announced that its handsets will support Windows Media audio and, therefore, will be Napster To Go compatible.
Our platform is simply further developed than others out there. Our work with Ericsson has been very important. You will see over the next year we will really take our successes now in the US and Asia, and you will absolutely see some very impressive penetration in Europe. That has a lot to do with our alliance with Ericsson.”