Niche Job Boards Rising

Mike Arrington is slowly expanding his empire. He launched CrunchBoard, a job board fine tuned for his community of reader. My congratulations to Mike on making the move, and putting together a good resource for his readers. He explains his reasons here.

CrunchBoard, 37Signals and PaidContent – they are all bringing attention to the fact that narrow niche sites work, and the job boards don’t seem to have the necessary impact or perhaps get the right kind of users. These three sites have very strong communities, and as a result their job boards work and will continue to work. These three boards should enjoy success, because the number of technology job listings in on an upswing. reports that there are 121 job listings per 1000 people in San Jose, and 74 job listings per 1000 in San Francisco.

As we have previously noted, the online jobs segment is attracting a lot of entrepreneurial attention, and of course venture capital. makeover of sorts. From vertical search plays such as Indeed, to new players such as TheLadders, and Jobster are trying to address some of the inefficiencies of the current online job model.

Many recruiters have privately expressed their dissatisfaction with some of the older models. TheLadders’ for instance is a model which works even though job seekers pay to find their dream jobs. TheLadders’ founder Marc Cenedella, who was in town recently shared with me some eye-popping data, all for a cup of coffee. That merits a post in itself, but not today!